Radiation Shielding Products

As a related product to our concrete containers designed to house radioactive waste, we design and manufacture products to provide shielding for radioactive wastes. Taking the form of shielding lids or gates that are used within nuclear facilities, or shielding blocks and bricks, these products are usually cast using High Density concretes and finished in a range of de-contaminable finishes. We can also build shielding products to a specific design or provide a bespoke design & build service.

Shielding Lids and Gates

Together with our approved supply chain, we manufacture both concrete and composite shielded lids and covers, as well as bodies for shield gates. These are essential components that allow man entry to areas where access is restricted or prohibited due to the area being a radiological zone.

Large Precast Universal Shielding Blocks (USB’s) & Shielding Bricks

Our Universal Shielding Block (USB) system comprises three precast concrete forms. When stacked, or when multiple stacks are linked, this system provides a self-supporting shield wall. This wall can be positioned at the boundary of a storage area or in the empty, adjacent radioactive package spaces as the store array is filled or emptied. The three USB forms are the Base Block, the Main Block and the Capping Block.

By combining a Base Block with a Capping Block a unit can be formed that, when sat on a stack of waste packages, provides shielding in the vertical plane in place of shielding that would typically be provided by the store roof. This provides an effective, accelerated and cost-optimised solution for an Interim Storage Facility.

In addition, the USBs can be manufactured using a normal density (ND) concrete mix or a high density (HD) concrete mix to further improve shielding capability.

We also have a range of designs for Shielding Bricks used for plant and equipment shielding.


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