About Amber Precast

As the UK’s leading manufacturer of architectural and structural precast concrete products, we have unrivalled experience across a range of market sectors including:

Housing, Civils, Rail, Landscaping, Utilities, Offshore, Flood defence

After adapting our strategy in 2015 to specialise in advanced cementitious technologies and products, we concentrated our manufacturing and quality management expertise to diversify the business and respond to the demands of new markets. This led us to further extend our activities in the highly demanding field of concrete products for complex and extreme environments such as the nuclear sector.

Manufacturer of Critical Concrete Containers

Indoor, Covered Facilities

Dedicated indoor batching plant and mould area, raw materials and final product storage to ensure no environmental variations.

Manufacturer of Critical Concrete Containers

Industry Leading Plant

State-of-the-art TEKA Mixer guaranteeing mix quality & repeatability, robust automated batching plant supporting high density concrete aggregates.

Meeting Highly Regulated Industry Demands

Quality Management Systems that meet Nuclear Standard, engineered process and procedure driven manufacturing plans.

Integrated MRP System

Manufacture Resource Planning system that meets the high-quality requirements for highly regulated industries such as the nuclear sector.

Best in Class

High tolerance manufacture systems out-classing “normal” sector supply.

Sector Leading Resource Skills

Highly experienced and multi-skilled operators.

Integrated With Academia

Close ties with local Universities and manufacturing research facilities.

Robust High Quality Supply Chain

Linked supply chain for high quality (nuclear & chemical industry compliant) parts and components with full traceability.

Our Clients & Partners

More Than 25 Year Experience in the Concrete Industry

Originally headquartered at Cotes Park Industrial Estate in Alfreton, following the housing price slump of 2007 and consequent recession, the company came under financial pressure and needed to secure investment in order to diversify to become less reliant on traditional markets.

In 2015, and in line with this diversification strategy, Hughes Armstrong Industries LP acquired Amber Precast with a view to expanding capabilities and skills and diversifying into new and related markets to realise more profitable work. To drive this change, a new division – Special Projects – was established. It spearheaded new, high quality, extreme environment markets where regulatory compliance was paramount.

The Special Projects division was located at the old Davy Markham facilities in Sheffield and, shortly after launch, it secured its first new market contract for the development of a Prototype 6m3 Reinforced Concrete Box (RCB) to house Intermediate Level Radioactive Waste (ILW) from decommissioned nuclear power stations.

Amber Precast went on to excel in this new market securing further contracts. Hughes Armstrong Industries LP then sold off the original business in Alfreton (December 2019)  to further develop the new extreme environment precast concrete market.

Amber Precast is now based at the heavy engineering facility in Sheffield. We are proud to supply customers not only in the UK but worldwide in countries such as Canada, Netherlands, Sweden, Switzerland, Italy and Czech Republic.


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