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Here at Amber Precast, our reputation as a leading UK manufacturer of architectural and structural precast concrete products has been built on decades of experience across an extensive range of market sectors including:

Housing, Civils, Rail, Landscaping, Utilities, Offshore, Flood defence

In 2015, we adapted our strategy to specialise in advanced cementitious technologies and products.

Our proven expertise in manufacturing and quality management continue to enable us to respond and diversify into new markets such as the highly demanding field of concrete products for complex and extreme environments. This is evidenced by our ever-increasing project work in the nuclear sector.

Nuclear Containers

Supporting the nuclear sector with Standard Density and High-Density Concrete Products as well as manufacturing a range of IP-2 Nuclear Waste Containers.

Nuclear Waste Containers

Radiation Shielding 

Working with the nuclear industry to manufacture concrete and composite shielded lids, covers, shield gates and high-density shielding blocks and bricks.

Radiation Shielding Products

Specialist Concretes

High performance concretes, high density concretes, fibre reinforced concretes and complex composite products including products for radiation shielding.

Bespoke Precast Concrete

Renewable Energy

Advancing the renewable energy market with innovative products and thinking in the use of High-Density Concretes for energy storage systems.

Hostile Vehicle Mitigation

We work collaboratively with a strategic partner to provide Hostile Vehicle Mitigation Furniture and associated blast and ballistic resistant products.

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Industry Leaders in Concrete

Another of our specialisms is the development of high-performance concretes and high-density concretes, fibre reinforced concretes and complex composite products specifically for the highly regulated Nuclear, Energy and Security markets. Products include:

  • Interim Storage and Disposal Containers for radioactive wastes
  • Radiation Shielding Products
  • High Density Concrete Products for the Energy, Security and specialist precast concrete sectors
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More Than 25 Year Experience in the Concrete Industry

As a single-source manufacturer of precast concrete with over 25 years’ experience Amber Precast sets the highest standard in this sector with:

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