In order to meet the requirements of the UK Nuclear Decommissioning Authority and Nuclear Facility Operators, we have a robust and comprehensive Quality Management System that forms the core of all of our projects, irrespective of the sector we’re working in.

We perform all our work in accordance with this established Quality Management System which meets the requirements of ISO 9001 and additional nuclear quality standards.

Being the existing manufacturer of the Magnox 6m3 RCB and the Shielded Overpack, the container manufacturing arrangements have been independently audited to ensure compliance with the manufacturing requirements for Type IP-2 waste containers.

For all projects, a project-specific Quality Management Programme applying to all activities, interactions and aspects affecting the quality of any product is always developed and implemented.

We operate under a UKAS accredited BS EN ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management System.

Our Factory Control Plan for concrete production is run in conjunction with123Insight an Enterprise Resource Planning system. The Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system has quality Gates built into the system and controls the entire manufacturing process. The Manufacturing Process Flow forms the bases of the ERP inputs and each stage in the ERP has a Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) and associate Risk Assessment Method Statement (RAMS) referenced. Each stage of the ERP requires SQEP sign-off by either APL or a Client representative before the next stage can be commenced.

All information is captured within the system and is included in the Quality Lifetime records.

The SOP’s & RAMS are used as informative or pictorial training aids to instruct the team on how to manufacture a particular product in a step-by-step method. These documents include all Environmental, Health & Safety and Quality requirements that the operations team require. 

We have a dedicated team of Quality Engineers & Quality Control Inspectors who understand highly regulated industry and nuclear quality requirements and use their experience when auditing suppliers or inspecting products to accelerate the learning curve of the Approved Supply base.


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